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About Us


Who is Project Exploration?

Founded in 1977, Project Exploration, Inc., has safely taken several generations of students on science field trips throughout the southwest. Our emphasis on safety, organization, and attention to detail has allowed us to be a sole provider in this unique service. Our knowledgeable staff keeps students entertained, engaged, and learning while we travel and share the many treasures of the American Southwest.


Why we do what we do!

Can you imagine gathering your students near the rim of the Grand Canyon as the crisp morning air fills your lungs and sunbeams paint the canyon walls with vermilion hues? Can you picture the illuminated joy in excited young faces as they stare into the eyes of a lobster, or bark the song of a sea lion? Moments like these have given us a vision that we hope to share with all eager students and dedicated teachers that realize the value of outdoor education.


Why travel with Project Exploration?

Although "Fun Learning" is our objective, we consider our highest priority to be safety. Our track record for safety and our reputation among educators is unimpeachable. Our trips, tailored to the Nevada Science Standards with trained instructors, are safe, educational, and often times LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCES!

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